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The London Loom

If you’ve not yet come across Brooke and Francesca AKA The London Loom then they’re definitely worth looking up. Their studio, The London Loom has really taken off and we love what they’re doing. 

They’ve somehow managed the impossible and created something rather unique to London through their studio. In doing so they’ve created “a community for people who love textiles and making things with their hands as much as they do; a place where no matter what your ability or reason for wanting to create, there was a platform for you to enjoy beautiful materials and proper equipment that works well and is a pleasure to use.”

So when they asked us to design and manufacture their handheld looms and a series of freestanding thread racks we couldn’t say no.  Here’s a shot of the thread racks in action. 

To book a weaving workshop then head to http://www.thelondonloom.com/workshops/

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